The Australian app for air quality

AirSmart puts all the information about the air you breathe directly into the palm of your hand.

Get the free AirSmart App now and make the invisible visible. By knowing what’s in the air, AirSmart can better protect your health and help you safely plan your day.  Proudly an initiative of Asthma Australia.

Make the invisible, visible

Breathing clean air is as important for our health as eating nutritious food or drinking clean water.

What’s in the air around you, including chemicals, smoke and dust, can get into your lungs and affect your health and how you live your life. While there is no safe level of exposure to air pollution for anyone, some people are more sensitive to air pollution than others.

Sensitive groups include:

  • People living with asthma or other lung conditions
  • People with heart disease
  • People living with diabetes
  • People with a history of stroke
  • Young children
  • Elderly people
  • Pregnant people, unborn and newborn babies.

We want all Australians to become AirSmart. Being AirSmart means you have the right information in the palm of your hand to understand what your local air quality is like, how it affects your health, and when to avoid it. These simple steps can go a long way towards your health and wellbeing.

We live in a world where we are increasingly at risk of the health impacts from poor air quality. 

Pollutants come from many outdoor sources, such as cars, industry, power stations, and bushfires, but also from indoor sources such as wood heaters, gas appliances, cigarettes and tobacco products, candles, paints and other household products. Polluted air affects our health and claims lives.

Download the AirSmart App

You can start being AirSmart right now by downloading the free AirSmart app (Android and IOS). Asthma Australia’s AirSmart app gives you the information you need to be more in control of the air you breathe when you’re out and about, in the palm of your hand.

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We’d love to hear what you think of this campaign, your feedback on the AirSmart app and your experiences of air pollution in Australia.

This campaign is part of a broader program which includes working with government and other stakeholders to reduce exposure to air pollution and improve air quality. Your experience will assist us in this goal.

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