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AirSmart App

It’s time to make the invisible, visible

You can start being AirSmart right now by downloading the free AirSmart app (Android and IOS). Asthma Australia’s AirSmart app gives you the information you need to plan your day and reduce exposure to air pollution.

A colour coded ‘at a glance’ rating of the air quality in your local area², providing five ratings ranging from Very Good to Extremely Poor
Distance to your nearest air quality monitoring station provided.
General health recommendations to help you plan your activities and reduce exposure to air pollution.

Once downloaded, you will be prompted on how to best use the AirSmart app including instructions to find local air quality data and opt-in notifications.

¹Air quality readings are taken from air monitoring stations from across the country.
²<Pollen data coming soon>

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We’d love to hear what you think of this campaign, your feedback on the AirSmart app and your experiences of air pollution in Australia.

This campaign is part of a broader program which includes working with government and other stakeholders to reduce exposure to air pollution and improve air quality. Your experience will assist us in this goal.

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